World of Warcraft on iPhone

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Back on May 4, I reported a Blizzard job opening for a new Mobile Department at their Irvine Offices.  I speculated they might bring World of Warcraft functions to the iPhone.  Now that the iPhone has made its way into the streets someone seems to have set up his computer to interact with World of Warcraft from his iPhone.  Some people already commented this is a fake.  And even if it weren’t a fake, too worthless.

For gameplay and probably chatting, the iPhone doesn’t look very attractive.  But you could check the Auction House, transmute, create Primal Mooncloth, check the mail, probably tell your guild you will be a bit late with the traffic, check out the armory database webpage, download and install a patch remotely so that when you get home the game is ready to go, and other character activities remotely.

Could Blizzard add World of Warcraft functions to iPhone? That’s still debatable. But the job openings for Mobile positions are there and Blizzard has supported Apple and Mac users for years. There is a Blizzard Mobile UI Designer and Mobile Software engineer positions. Blizzard could theoretically create serverside code to integrate iPhone with the World of Warcraft database servers.

According to a recent iPhone review by IGN, iPhone’s Safari browser will have Adobe Flash compatibility in a matter of months, and WiFi at some point.

The application used by this player to load World of Warcraft on iPhone is named Telekinesis.  Check out his blog

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