World of Warcraft: Night of The Dragon Autographed Copies

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I have posted this in the live blogging test, and updated an earlier news, but would still want this posted for those who just caught up. The World of Warcraft: Night of the Dragon will hit bookstores near you on November 18th, but as an exclusive offer by Richard A. Knaak you can get this book AUTOGRAPHED by the author on release date.

WARCRAFT—- NIGHT OF THE DRAGON AUTOGRAPHED COPIES! Due to requests, I am taking orders for my next WarCraft novel, NIGHT OF THE DRAGON available for US addresses only at this timne (sorry)! Cost is $16 (cover) plus $4 shipping. You may also add the mangas WarCraft LEGENDS vol. 1 & 2 for $12 each (includes $1 additional shipping). My apologies, but the mangas are not available from me separately at this time.

To order, go to and pay [email protected]

NOTE! At this time, this offer ends when the novel is published—- NOVEMBER 18! So, if you are interested, order now!

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