World of Warcraft: Emerald Dream?  Archdruid Hero Class?

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The Second part of the CVG Wrath of the Lich King article is available. Nothing new to be read there, really.  However, if you had missed what has been said about the upcoming expansion it may be useful info for you: Deathknight Hero Class, Siege Weapons PvP, new expansion entry locations and more.

CVG mentioned something that I am not sure whether it was self-speculation, or based on Kaplan’s hints.  I would say, speculation. Don’t get too excited.

CVG: “… What’s more, with any luck, we’ll see more Hero classes some time after release, the hot Zitron tip being some kind of Archdruid quest directly connected to Malfurion Stormrage and the much-anticipated Emerald Dream.”

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