World of Warcraft Arena E-Sport Broadcasts?

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Fans asked Blizzard if they could create a new feature to allow the masses to watch Arena Battles simultaneously as Observers.  This would be a feature that would set World of Warcraft in the World Cyber Games (WCG) E-Sports’ spotlight.  Interestingly, Tseric – Blizzard Community Representative – revealed Blizzard has been considering this for a while, and it is a feature they look forward to working on in the future.

Felliah @ Ravenholdt: “Does anyone else think there should be the ability to watch Arena battles? All the art prior to launching it showed people watching and cheering. I think it would be great to be able watch some matches.”

Tseric: “This is something we have considered and agree that it would be a cool feature. All that seperates us from doing that is a large technical undertaking. It is on the table, but there are other large-scale things we are attending to at the moment.”

Is Blizzard going to add E-Sport Broadcast support?  Do fans really want this feature? Sounds hot!

This is what another fan said:

Gnomex @ Kalecgos: “Couldn’t you license the technology from second life with their integrated TV in the game? They have the ability to insert youtube links and things like that into the television monitors.”

Some fans discuss in the official forums that a way to curb cheating via Ventrillo, Blizzard servers should record the game and broadcast fifteen minutes later, with a delay.  Which sounds like a good idea theoretically.

All Blizzard games have offered support to in-game replays, and Warcraft III offered observer slots.  Games like Guild Wars and Second Life offer options that are useful to e-sports and other gaming communities. If Blizzard has been planning this, or at least had it on the table of discussion, it will certainly catch the attention of a large chunk of the World of Warcraft community, and of other FPS and MMO Communities.  This remind me that two years ago, a friend discovered Blizzard is owner of a domain name related to World of Warcraft videos.  Would be interesting to put some speculation on what Blizzard plans to do now that the cat is out of the bag.

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