World of Warcraft# 5 Released !

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The World of Warcraft# 5 issue has been released by Wildstorm (DC Comics) focusing on Broll’s connection to the Idol of Remulos. Here are some bits from previous issues. This Idol was given to Broll by Remulos (son of Cenarius) years ago. The idol is carved and shaped like a green dragon allowing Broll a special connection with the Emerald Dream.  During the Battle of Mount Hyjal, Azgalor the pitlord attacked Broll with fel energy.  This fel energy targeted the Idol of Remulos, held by Broll, and through it filling Broll with fury and rage. The Idol of Remulos exploded with fel energy killing Broll’s daugther. Broll has lived with grief and pain and guilt ever since.  The spirits of the wild had abandoned Broll: the stag, the panther, the seal and the stormcrow.

Yet only one spirit remained with him … the spirit of the bear, corrupted by fel magic, feeding Broll’s rage. The corrupted Idol of Remulos was thought lost by Broll and the Druids. However, Broll found out at Warsong Gulch that the corrupted Idol was retrieved by the Thistlefur Furbolgs, corrupting them. For this matter, Broll and Lo’gosh (the amnesic human) fly with help of hyppogryph Sharptalon toward Thistlefur Hold in Ashenvale to cleanse the corrupted idol of its fel energies.

Now that you got a sneak peek of the story behind the Idol of Remulos and Broll, go grab issue# 5 from a newsstand or comics shop near you.  Or read Blizzplanet’s spoiler summary if you live outside USA or don’t mind spoilers. Accompanied by the first 5-pages preview scans.

DC Comics is releasing World of Warcraft Vol. 1 on July 29 compiling the first story arc (issue# 1-7).

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