World of Warcraft 3rd Anniversary

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Today is World of Warcraft’s third Anniversary.  The official worldwide launch of World of Warcraft took place on November 23, 2004 causing servers to crash with the immense record sales that took Blizzard Entertainment off-guard and by surprise.  Within a month, World of Warcraft surpassed Blizzard’s expectations selling what they planned in a year.

Today World of Warcraft has the whooping amount of 9.3 million players worldwide with servers and/or tech support for Germany, UK, France, Taiwan, China, Spain and Latinoamerica (Spanish), South Korea, New Zealand, and Australia. An addicting phenomenon.

World of Warcraft expanded with a new expansion pack titled The Burning Crusade which launched on January 2007.  And awaits a second expansion on 2008 under the title: Wrath of the Lich King – taking players to the hostile and icy lands of Northrend continent.

Happy Anniversary, World of Warcraft!

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