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Solicitations for the upcoming World of Warcraft# 11 are available. King Varian Wrynn (Lo’gosh) is on a quest to seek his son Anduin Wrynn, and to claim his rightful throne. However, on his way to Stormwind new adventures and challenges lead him to Blackrock Depths … in search of Marshal Windsor—an NPC from the MMO. In this particular issue, as the front cover suggests—Draenei Paladin VINDICATOR MARRAD—one of the DC Direct Action Figures—makes his first appearance.

Based on Actual Unit Sales of Products Invoiced in May 2008, World of Warcraft comic book stands as follows:.

Quantity Rank: #95
Retail Rank: #103
Index: $24.14


Magni returns to Ironforge, along with Lo’Gosh and his comrades in arms. In Stormwind, Marshall Windsor goes missing after stumbling upon clues to the disappearance of King Varian. It’s off to Blackrock Depths for our heroes — but are they prepared for what they will find?

On sale September 17 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Written by Walter Simonson
Art by Jon Buran & Jerome K. Moore
Covers by Samwise Didier & Ludo Lullabi

If you are an Alliance player, you may remember the quest: A Shred of Hope—which sends you into Blackrock Depths to tackle General Angerforge and Golem Lord Argelmach to gather Marshal Windsor’s Lost Information (item). Marshal Windsor (NPC) can be found within the Blackrock Depths Prison. If you read all the quests Marshal Windsor is highly tied to a cross-story that indirectly ties with the Missing Diplomat.  After rescuing Marshal Windsor, you end up talking to Bolvar Fordragon who then unmasks Lady Prestor as a disguised Onyxia at Stormwind Keep.


(Marshal Windsor shakes the note excitedly.)

Do you realize what this means?

Perhaps all is not lost! From what I can ascertain, the information is being held by two Dark Iron dwarves: General Angerforge and the golem lord, Argelmach. I have a feeling that they won’t just hand over the information if we ask nicely. I hope you are ready to battle. Venture forth and find these two villains! Destroy them and return my lost information.

Soon this grand subterfuge will be over.

(Marshal Windsor snatches the two tablets from your hands.)

We need to get out of here!

Quest Objectives
Return Marshal Windsor’s Lost Information.

Marshal Windsor believes that the information is being held by Golem Lord Argelmach and General Angerforge.

Marshall Windsor is also involved in other quests:

Level: 52 Elite Humanoid

Starts Quest:
A Shred of Hope
Abandoned Hope
Jail Break!

Involved in Quest:
A Crumpled Up Note
Marshal Windsor
Stormwind Rendezvous

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