Woohoo! Bag Slot 20 Stack

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One thing I am fairly sure . . . Priests and Mages won’t like both Rogue’s stacks =(

ThundgotWow Europe: “After a lot of feedback from our community, players will probably be delighted to hear that come 1.11 we will be increasing stack sizes.

In addition to the different types of bags we have already introduced, with patch 1.11 you will be able to save even more bag slots.

Here are all the reagents and items that will stack to 20:

  • Leather (Light, Medium, etc.)

  • Cured Hides (Light, Medium, etc.)
  • Shards (Small Brilliant, etc.)
  • Enchanting Dusts (Strange, Illusion, etc.)
  • Vanishing Powder
  • Rogue Poisons (Instant, Crippling, etc.)
  • Rogue Poison Reagents (Essence of Pain, Deathweed, etc.)

And last, but not least, Hides (Light, Medium, etc.) will stack to 10”

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