Windows XP Users: SP3 Alert

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I recommend fans to backup their computers, if you have a DVD burner or a second hard disk.  I downloaded a few weeks ago Windows XP SP3, and it killed my PC.  I was able to go into safe mode and roll back to before the SP3 installation. Not sure if some problems might have remained.

What I have read so far online, SP3 adds some excessive registry entries and whatever that means—your computer might not be able to boot (read more at Information Week. And now slashdot reports SP3 is also causing router issues.  Furthermore, Microsoft is planning all XP users to autodownload SP3. I really recommend backing up in case your computer can’t boot after SP3 installation.—read more

Read other plethora of SP3 issues here.

If you don’t know how to access safe mode to roll back using System Resstore, pick any of these guides. It never hurts to learn. Better late than never.

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