Wikipedia: South Park Episode Analyzed

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Wikipedia has a new page describing and analyzing the South Park episode 1008(#147) featuring World of Warcraft. You may read the plot of the episode. It also contains some neat Easter egg(Trivia) and details you may have missed. If you find any mistakes or easter eggs in the South Park episode not present in the wikipedia page, please submit them to Blizzplanet.

“Cartman devises an idea ? the four boys will spend all their time playing the game, not going on quests, but killing millions of low level boars in order to safely level up (grinding), preventing them from running into their foe; though boars raise their power level slowly (“2 experience points a piece”), they begin to get stronger by playing constantly (approximately 20 hours per day, for seven weeks). In the process, they become grossly overweight, acne-ridden, and begin to use large amounts of Internet slang (“uber” and “pwned”). They become so lazy that Cartman speaks to his mother through an intercom, ordering Hot Pockets and a bedpan to pass diarrhea while they continuously play in his basement. The boys’ characters grow so quickly that the Blizzard executives take notice, marvelling that “they must have no lives.” Determined to help them slay the enemy (who is portrayed as simply being another fat, pimply geek who wears a wrist brace and eats junk food and as stated by the Blizzard execs. “A person with absolutely no life”), Blizzard decides to give the four boys the “Sword of a Thousand Truths” ? a weapon that was considered so powerful that it was removed from the game, though a prophecy (from a guy in accounting) says it will one day be used. However, the boys, not privy to the plan, engage the enemy early, at a level where the executives predict a 90% chance of failure.”

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