Why no World of Warcraft on Xbox 360

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The cat is out of the bag! Paul Sams tells Eurogamer why World of Warcraft won’t make it into Xbox 360 and PS3. The Console games can’t handle the MMORPG and patches testing would be a nightmare on game consoles.

“One really big challenge is that one of the key features of a massively multiplayer game, especially WOW, is consistent and regular content updates. They require hard drive space, and there’s a finite amount of that on each of those platforms.”

Then there are the strict certification processes put in place by the platform holders. At Blizzard, Sams explains, they build content updates on PC, give them a thorough going over on a test server, and then release them. “There’s no certification process outside of Blizzard’s internal process. When you introduce Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo, you introduce a whole new certification process.”

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