WC3Campaigns is Back: New Administration

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Few weeks ago, a message on the main page of WC3Campaigns confirmed the official death of the community, which would no longer be hosted or be active.  However, in the backstage, former members of the Modding Community have been at wide lengths trying to save as much of the forums database and content to relaunch the Modding Community under new administration.  Comment is that the former leaders won’t have administrative access to the Admin Panel nor IRC Channel.  The website is now hosted in a different server not controlled by former leaders. Since the site was officially declared death, the content was out for grabs to anyone that wished to carry the torch.  With new flame and new life, the Mod Community of WC3Campaigns seems to aim new and fresh goals.  The new Community is located at a different domain name: http://www.wc3campaigns.net

Welcome to Wc3Campaigns!!

After nearly a month of hard work, Wc3Campaigns is back online and ready to go. However one might say that Wc3campaigns has been down for nearly seven months; after Draco, Wc3Campaigns former administrator, moved to his VE system from the old vB3 system. During this move many users were lost and the community as a whole began to fall apart. Then, toward the end of November, Draco finally gave up and announced officially that Wc3Campaigns was to die. Within hours posts appeared on all the major Warcraft III message boards, and e-mails started flying. The original Wc3Campaigns staff came together and made the decision, it was time for a change.

This change has occurred in many ways, not only the obvious changes in the board?s systems, but in attitude as well as in a sense of mind. The staff has been changed slightly, but with the new administration Wc3Camaigns hopes to bring back the old, fresh sense off Warcraft III modding. The attitude of Wc3Campaigns? staff has changed, and will continue to change and adapt. With all these additions, the administration is confident that Wc3Campaigns will be restored.

Much skepticism has been brought about the return of Wc3Campaigns, and most is justifiable. However the staff vow to prove that Wc3Campaigns can and will meet all the standards it should have long ago. Welcome to the rebirth of Wc3Campaigs, welcome to a friendly community where you can learn and teach, welcome home.

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