Warcraft III used to test new Mitsubishi technology

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Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL) ran WarCraft III on a giant DiamondTouch multiuser table-top-touch-panel-screen at GDC.  Could this new technology replace the Brick and Mortar Board Games one day? Read the article at IGN.

With the new technology, you can play Warcraft III or any other game using your hands and voice.  Placing the palm of your hand over the table and dragging it you can pan your view.  Using both hands and using a voice command you can select a range area to command your units to perform tasks such as patrol, attack or select a group within an area.

“Possible uses of the technology range from tactical map manipulation and business collaboration to parlor games, but we see a real future in gaming. An intern at MERL was able to get WarCraft III running on one of the prototypes and shot a video of the DiamondTouch and a voice recognition system in action”

You really have to watch this video demonstration where Warcraft III is played via the DiamondTouch Table assisted by Voice Speech Recognition.  It is awesome!

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