Warcraft III Official Site Updated

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Blizzard updated the Warcraft III Strategy Guide of the Official Warcraft III Compendium Site.

Minor Site Updates – Nebu
*Basics: Heroes (added big section at end of page)
*Night Elves: Advanced (added Seeding tip at the bottom, thanks ShadowFury)

Site Updates – Nebu
*Humans: Footman (defend pierce damage update)
*Humans: Tech-Tree (updated 3 tower armor)
*Humans: Building Stats (tower armor updated)
*Night Elves: Druid of the Talon (Cyclone)
*Night Elves: Druid of the Talon (updated upgrade name to Mark of the Talon)
*Night Elves: Ancient of Wind (updated the Mark of the Crow link/text)
*Night Elves: Ancient of Lore (updated the Mark of the Claw link/text)
*Night Elves: Treant (updated speed)
*Night Elves: Ancient of Wonders (armor/speed)
*Night Elves: Owl (armor type and hit points)
*Humans: Mountain King (updated Bash note)
*Orcs: Raider (Ensnare Hero duration updated)
*Orcs: Kodo Beast (updated War Drums Requirements, Kodo Requirements)
*Neutral: Naga Sea Witch (updated intelligence)
*Neutral: Forest Troll High Priest (updated attack type)
*Neutral: Pit Lord (updated damage/hit points)
*Neutral: Fire Lord (updated Summon Lava Spawn stats)
*Neutral: Dark Ranger (added Charm note)
*Neutral: Goblin Tinker (fixed Pocket Factory stats, updated attack type)
*Basics: Unit Stats (added Pocket Factory)

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