Warcraft 4 ? - Level Designer Opening

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More rumor galore … Warcraft 4 or Starcraft 2?  This job opening is a bit more specific asking for a Level Designer with experience in creating 3D RTS game toolsets such as Warcraft 3.  Unless Starcraft 2 goes 3D, or Blizzard has plans for a new RTS franchise, this could be a possible Warcraft 4 or expansion pack.  There has not been any official announcements of game titles, except that Blizzard Diablo team was working with two games back on 2003; an RTS game by the Irvine department – due to the presence of Dustin Browder there; and a unknown amount of games by the Console Department.

Level Designer

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a talented level designer with experience building levels using any popular 3D Real-Time Strategy game toolset (Warcraft 3, Rise of Legends, Command and Conquer, etc). The ideal candidate has industry experience on a shipping game, or has created and distributed levels in the fan/mod community. Level designers need to be able to create fun and interesting environments that look and play great. Samples of your work should be submitted along with a resume and cover letter. Please include a breakdown for each level that describes what you did (layout, modeling, textures, lighting, triggers, etc.). If you do not have existing work, you will be required to create a level using the Warcraft 3 World Editor.

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