Warcraft 3 Patch 1.21b No-CD Patch This Week

If things go well, this week Blizzard might release Warcraft 3 Patch 1.21b which will offer e-sports support, balance issues and the juicy part … No-CD patch.  That means, you won’t need the Warcraft CD-ROM loaded on your CD-Drive to play the game in single player nor on Battle.net.

A Press Release might be released in following weeks either on February or March concerning this move to release NO-CD Patches to all Blizzard games. Emphasis on “All”.

January 29th, 2008 – Today, the eSports Team is meeting with Rob Pardo, (Senior Vice President of Game Design), and Chris Sigaty, (Lead Producer of StarCraft II), Dustin Browder (Lead Designer of StarCraft II),and David Kim (Balance Designer of StarCraft II) for the second round of discussions on the balance changes that will happen for Patch 1.22. Many of the balance changes mentioned by both professional eSports players and the community alike, such as ‘nerfs’ to Human Guard Tower repair rates are on the top of the balance list for these rounds of discussion.

When balance changes are more solidified, I will give you an update on what these may be, and a better approximate release time. Furthermore, there is the possibility of additional Battle.net features to be added in Patch 1.22 that would further add to the longevity of the game online.

Patch 1.21b, the ‘no CD’ patch for Warcraft III is being signed off as we speak, and is aiming at a release for next week.—(Read More

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