Vollee to Bring World of Warcraft to Mobile?

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Blizzplanet got word from Vollee PR of the following:

“Today Vollee’s highly anticipated streaming games service debuted with the launch of Second Life for mobile phones.  The new, free application allows anyone with a 3G or Wi-Fi enabled handset to explore, interact and communicate across the entire 3D virtual world right from their handset.

Vollee’s proprietary solution is the only one on the market that can stream any high-end PC title to mobile, including popular massively multiplayer online role playing games.”

As reported a few months ago, Vollee’s servers could stream World of Warcraft from your computer to your 3G Mobile phone allowing you to explore the world, check your in-game inbox, Guild chat, bank, and more. Nothing is official yet concerning World of Warcraft, but Vollee has confirmed negotiations with Activision. At this point it is speculation: Activision Blizzard merger could bring World of Warcraft and Vollee to work together.

Vollee supports over 40 different 3G Mobile phones, and plans to expand to other devices such as the iPhone. You can test Vollee Mobile Beta by signing up and downloading the 3G Mobile app of Second Life here.

Not long ago, Blizzplanet alerted of a new Blizzard trademark registered early 2008 titled BattleChat which hints a new mobile app for Battle.net games.

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