Verne Troyer - World of Warcraft TV Commercial

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The Verne Troyer TV Commercial has been released.  Verne Troyer plays as a Gnome Mage, master of the arcane magic. Hordes of Nagas are scorched to a crisp. A dragon is no challenge. And Murlocs drop frozen. There are a couple hilarious moments in the TV Commercial such as his gnome /dance, and when he says World of Warcraft’s population is huge, like his mage … showing a Tauren, then moving the camera to its feets to show the Gnome Mage laughing. Download the High-Definition (HD) video for PC and Mac here.


My name is Verne Troyer.
I live in Holywood, California.
And I am a mage!
A Master of the Arcane.
There are 9 million players in the World of Warcraft.
It’s huge. Like my mage.
I am Verne Troyer. And I am a mage.
What’s your game?

Thanks, tehtroll

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