Uwe Boll Opinion on World of Warcraft Film Rating

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Storm, Earth and Fire. Heed my call! Spirits of the Wild, don’t let WoW the Movie fall on his hands. Well, that’s a general fan feedback. Uwe Boll … “shivers” … told UGO how he would do the World of Warcraft The Movie if he was hired by Legendary Pictures and Blizzard Entertainment.  I do agree the film should be rated R or rather than PG-13. Personally, I have never watched any of his films. However, many gaming fans seem to dislike his movies from what I have read before. So, I don’t think it would be good to have him as director, but you never know. To date, Legendary Pictures and Blizzard Entertainment have not revealed who will be the film director.  At the time of BlizzCon 2007 (August), no director had been chosen. The World of Warcraft film is slated for release on 2009. Read the interview.

UGO: What would your take on Warcraft be?

UB: A little bit like what I did with In The Name of the King with Dunegon Siege is basically—well, let’s face it, I did this because I didn’t get Warcraft, right? I wanted to do a fantasy, epic adventure movie, and this was my opportunity. Warcraft would need to be R, not PG-13, and of course we would need to add stuff that isn’t in the game, but I would present it as a mix between the Antonio Banderas movie The Last Warrior and Lord of the Rings, but rougher?

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