[Update] PCGamer’s Beta Key Contest Open To the World

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Wed, April 14: PC Zone Contest – Day 5

As reported a few days ago, PCGamer, PCZone and CVG are rotating to give away 100 StarCraft II Beta Keys per day until April 23. A fellow fan over at StarCraft: IncGamers commented the contest rules said only UK residents could participate — which surprised me. I reached a PCGamer representative to find out.

This was his answer:

“It’s open to the world! Feel free to enter, some of our winners so far have been from Romania, Canada, and Sweden.”

That means: “GO, GO, GO! Participate each day till April 23 for a chance to win a Beta Key! Doesn’t matter if you are from USA, Australia, Africa, Argentina, Russia, etc.”

These are some of the lists of winners here and here.

It’s a bit confusing to know which is the current and open contest because one day it’s PCGamer, next day is PCZone, and next day CVG, but there’s a way to find out. Tuesday’s contest was tagged Day # 4. Wednesday will be Day #5 and so on. I will post again when it’s opened.

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