Uldum … The Mystery Sparked Anew

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There is no certainty as to which World of Warcraft expansion or when will open up Uldum. All we have is speculation. Not that there is anything wrong with speculation. But when a Blizzard employee sparks the discussion with his own speculations, some lore fans go crazy craving for more.

Drysc: No, it’s definitely a dungeon we’re keen on opening at some point. Whether that can actually happen or not, or when, hasn’t had any final decisions announced. It’s a location rich in Titan lore so it’s of course something everyone is excited to see come to fruition.

I find the door still interesting as something has obviously broken out. Was there something meant to be contained within Uldum, to be forgotten, that’s escaped? Possibly something we don’t even associate with the Titans or their creations. Maybe something we take for granted, I don’t know, but I like that idea.

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