TOP SECRET Game Hinted on Halloween’s Eve

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Blizzard Entertainment updated the US Employment Opportunities section this afternoon.  They marked various job openings with a TOP SECRET tag.  Just on Halloween’s eve. Coincidence?  Or was a Diablo Next-Gen MMO project hinted? Visit the job openings and apply for a job, or get a heart-attack out of excitement.

This afternoon I posted news compiling October job openings.  These tags weren’t there by noon, until now.

Some jobs tagged as “Top Secret” refer to a Next-Gen MMO.  Another job requires knowledge of Game Physics/Collision programming for a Next-Gen MMO and familiarity with Havok, Ageia, and O.D.E. physics packages.  Same technology used by Starcraft II, and other recent non-Blizzard games.

What could it be?

– We might be facing the return of Starcraft: Ghost as a Next-Gen MMO—Rob Pardo revealed on August 2007 to Gamasutra and that Blizzard planned to return to Starcraft: Ghost.

– A Diablo MMO isn’t too far-fetched unleashing an all-out Heaven vs. Hell war where you must choose sides

– A Starcraft MMO after Starcraft II?  Look at World of Warcraft MMO … it was launched a year after Warcraft III: Frozen Throne (RTS).

– There were hints a couple years ago of a possible new IP. Bruce Hack – Head of VUGames – said the following to on May 22, 2006:

Bruce Hack: “… let’s just take Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft, or Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft, or Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo, or Blizzard Entertainment’s Starcraft – they are the accountable unit for those IPs. By the way, any other IPs which they might invent, they would be accountable for exploiting.”

Certainly, releasing this shocking hint on a Halloween’s Eve might be distracting.  I have to put my money on a Diablo Next-Gen MMO. No press release or official announcements have been made by Blizzard Entertainment to explain this Halloween’s Eve teaser.

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