The Wow Pizza: World of Warcraft Addiction Extreme

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The impact of World of Warcraft addiction is a phenomena that has affected and entertained the masses since November 2004, and prior to that during Closed Beta. Guilds religiously meet around 7pm to raid Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Ahn’Qiraj and – since Patch 1.11 – Naxxramas Necropolis instances until late midnight.

Other more hardcore players, umm unemployed, spend hours upon hours on the keyboard and mouse fighting in Battlegrounds, mining and gathering resources for their profession trade skills, on the auction or having fun at instances with Pick-up Groups (PUGs) until guild raid time.

Your life is divided in pieces like a pizza. You commit certain amount of time to your job, to sleep, to eat, to watch TV, to be with your family, to take a shower, or to play games. However, how much of that real life pizza do you commit to World of Warcraft and to yourself? Do you find yourself commiting addictively and too extremely to playing World of Warcraft, and each time less time to real life to the point your food burns more than you change underwear or take a shower year-round?

Many a player has undergone through a dire syndrome: forgetting their real-life’s immediate matters. There are many examples:

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