The Road to Worldwide Invitationals - Day 4

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Diablo II (2000) is the theme today as shown in the timeline. Something different happened. The text says: “Stay Awhile and Listen!”—Deckard Cain.  This evil tease makes you wonder why would Diablo III be announced at South Korea. Is Diablo III going RTS?  The webmaster now created links on each game of the timeline, leading to the previous splash pages assigned for each game in the past days.  The day 1, corresponding to Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, and Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, however, is a broken link.  That could be as simple as the webmaster making a mistake or thinking desperately too much could be a clue. Or rather a misdirection-booby trap to play with your mind.  Sorta like It is a Starcraft game … let’s put Warcraft fake hints to make them go nuts.  Or maybe it was a webmaster mistake, or … ugh, anyone know a psychiatrist phone number?  Oh well, going for a Tylenol.  Oh, forgot …  T-minus 3 days. =)

/sarcasm off

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