The Road to Worldwide Invitationals - Day 3

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Day 3 strangely broke the pattern of showing the box artwork of Blizzard Games that aren’t expansions.  The original Starcraft box art showed a Protoss at the center, half-face of a Zerg to the left and half-face of a human to the right.

However, Day 3 image shows Infested Kerrigan … a Broodwar box artwork.  Is Blizzard sending some sort of subliminal message or was the webmaster lazy? Whatever the answer, this broke the pattern of non-expansion original games.  Tomorrow, according to the teaser timeline we will see Diablo II (2000).  Let’s see if they show the original box art or Lord of Destruction expansion.

Below you can see the original box artwork of Starcraft back on 1998.  Click on the thumbnail at the top-left to see the image shown at the Day 3 Timeline Splash page.  T-Minus 4 Days …

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