The BlizzCon Announcement Leak

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Well, I didn’t want to just pretend this wasn’t posted since It seems some fansites and blogs have already posted about it. And I have already gotten a few emails from fans asking why I removed it, others concerned.  No, Blizzard did not ask me to take down the page.  It was my own decision to take it down.

The newspost was up for maybe an hour or two while I was in Serpentshrine Caverns getting Lurker Below to 50%.  When I got back to checking the net for news, a blogger already had posted about this thread.  He showed a screenshot of his permanent ban for posting about this news.

I really regret that happened to him, and I don’t want this to happen to other fans whether the news was fake or true. We are just four days away from BlizzCon anyway.

I just got a kind email from a fan, and I wish to share it:


First of all, I should say that I feel a little ashamed that I never took the chance to send you an email to say hi. I’ve been reading daily blizzplanet for a long time.

You’re doing a great work and I hope you’ll keep up this way, for all blizz fans.

Now I’d like to ask about the latest news item you posted and it was mysteriously removed. It was about Blizzcon and their 2 unveiled projects. Were you contacted by someone that asked you to remove them? Since you clearly stated this was just rumors and speculation why was there a problem about it anyway?

Personally, after following blizz all these years I’m almost sure it will be a Diablo game and a Wow expansion about [*********].  We’ll know for sure in 5 days smile

I wish you good luck with your site and your life and know that you make some people feel close to you as we share the same passion.

[email protected]’Tiras (EU)
Tauren Shaman

Thanks a bunch! I am a fan like you. And because all of we share that closeness I don’t want fellow players getting banned at the official forum because of my actions. A salute to all the Greece folks at internet cafes and in general who visit Blizzplanet.  And folks from Germany, Italy, Sweden, France, Brazil, Spain, Costa Rica, Chile, Russia, Hungary, and China.  I always notice you in the traffic tracker. Sorry if I don’t mention others. I would have to name the atlas.

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