The Secret Hidden Extra Klaxxi Daily Quest

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I was a World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria beta tester, and I'm currently half through Honored with the Klaxxi in live realms. I had absolutely no clue there was an extra daily quest until an old guildmate told me about it.

This extra daily quest provides an extra 143 reputation points with The Klaxxi, an extra 5 Valor points, and an extra Lesser Charm of Good Fortune.

The Warlord Gurthan

This hidden quest can only be obtained when The Klaxxi gives you sub-quests for the area around The Terrace of Gurthan. You require another player to come with you to enable this hidden quest. Go to the Terrace of Gurthan in the Dread Wastes (coordinates: 66.27,31.46).

You will see an urn at the feet of a broken statue, and two circles on the ground. Stand on the red rune (circle) and type /kneel -- then stand on the green rune (circle) and type /lie

Actually, just typing /lie on the green circle seems to do the trick.

An elite mogu spirit spawns from the urn. It has 1575K health. Kill it and loot it. An item named Ashes of Warlord Gurthan triggers a quest titled "The Warlord's Ashes". Turn in the quest at The Klaxxi'Vess.

Kil'ruk the Wind-Reaver will grant you the rewards, and you can repeat the same steps everyday for your extra rewards. This will certainly help with the reputation and gear grind.

The way this hidden quest is creatively designed, however, makes me wonder ... are there more hidden daily quests out there?

Kypa'rak's Core

The Kypa'rak's Core quest can only be obtained when The Klaxxi gives you a set of sub-quests in the Zan'Vess area. While flying above The Briny Muck, you might see from afar the gigantic Kypa'rak (an elite rockworm). Sometimes it's patrolling underground, but the red text name can still be seen.

Kill it, and loot the Massive Kyparite Core item that triggers the quest. Turn it back at The Klaxxi'Vess for your bonus reputation, valor points and Lesser Charm of Fortune.

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