Taunka Updated Model - Build 8770

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The Taunka model has been introduced in the beta build 8770.  Female models are still not available. The Mammoth from Dragonblight and Zul’Drak have also been updated. The Mammoth’s placeholder was the Elekk model. There is a quest in Zul’Drak where you have the chance to mount a Mammoth to kill some Ice trolls. Both can be watched in the video below. As a bonus, I added the Pet & Mount Tab so you can see how it looks like. You get 12 slots on the pet tab and 12 slots on the mount tab. Enjoy.

Dalaran got a new map and some revamped areas within. The placeholder for the Battlegrounds used to be some floating crystals tagged with battleground names. Build 8770 introduced two new rooms adjacent to where the placeholder used to be—the battleground portals now are identified above like if each was a NPC.  The video below shows that, and the Dalaran Sewers. There is a store that is currently bugged—- players who walk in into these specific store will see their characters drop through Dalaran falling a whooping 400 yards to their deaths in Crystalsong Forest.  Except we paladins are leet and can bubble with divine shield FTW. That’s also shown in the video.

It is interesting to see that the Dalaran Sewer has its own Inn and Bank in the same spot, for hardcore pvp players who wish to – umm – live there and have everything one may need handy.

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