Steven Spielberg Plays World of Warcraft

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Many celebrities have confessed to have played World of Warcraft: Felicia Day (Buffy the Vampire), Brandon Routh (Superman Returns), Dave Chapelle (Comedy Central) and others. This time around Steven Spielberg answers PopSci during an interview that he has played World of Warcraft.

Blizzard Entertainment and Legendary Pictures have not officially revealed who the director of the World of Warcraft film is—a strange thing for a film slated for 2009 to be surrounded by so much secrecy and lack of updates. Other films get interviews with the director or main cast actors, previews, photos and a lot of hype such as Ironman, Indiana Jones 4 and others. This Warcraft film has been off the radar since BlizzCon 2007.

Recently, Uwe Boll was shown the door when he proposed Blizzard Entertainment to work on the Warcraft film. This may be an indication that a director has not been contracted at this point. Could Steven Spielberg or Peter Jackson, or Guillermo Del Toro be candidates? It seems we will have to wait and see.  Hopefully, BlizzCon 2008 could be the platform where Blizzard could shed some light on the film status.

Read the Steven Spielberg interview over at PopSci.

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