StarCraft the movie

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Although this is an old post from January, it deserves a mention.  EvanC—Blizzard Poster—replied a thread titled Starcraft the Movie:

EvanC: “Officially
We are very interested in taking our worlds and characters into other realms of entertainment, but as with any of our projects, we seek to work with the best talent available. While we would love to bring StarCraft, Warcraft and Diablo to the screen, we will do so only when we find the right partners.

What kind of a story outline would you have a movie portray; the story line of SC and BW or a new story?”

A fan suggested creating a movie based on STARCRAFT: LIBERTY’S CRUSADE.

Another Blizzard Poster, NickJS, commented on a thread titled World of Starcraft.

NickJS: “The topic of “World of StarCraft” is often brought up. I would like to see something similiar to PlanetSide which I had a lot of fun playing during the beta.”

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