Starcraft: The Dark Templar, Shadow Hunters Excerpt

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An excerpt of Starcraft: The Dark Templar, book two: Shadow Hunters is now available.  Read chapter one of this awesome canon saga that serves as introduction of Starcraft II single player.  The excerpt starts with Kerrigan. She thinks about her past before the zerg, her current enemies and how she has toyed with them allowing them the opportunity to live and build a challenging armada.  The Zerg has been growing and preparing these past four years before Starcraft II allowing Kerrigan to mature, to shred behind her weaknesses. Specially for Jim Raynor.

The excerpt allows you as well to find out more about Valerian Mengsk, son of Arcturus, and his way of thinking.  If you haven’t read book one yet, probably reading book two’s excerpt may hook you up.

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