Starcraft Pro Gamer Movie - The Terran Series - MYM.Testie

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myMYM.Snotty has produced a 10-minutes movie honoring Starcraft Pro Gaming legend MYM.Testie titled ‘The Terran Series – MYM.Testie”. It shows fragments of replays where Testie has played against Mondragon, Legionaire, Hullah, Squall, Breakdown, Oldy, HanJihye, Pito and others.  The response from the community after watching this short movie has gone from “Amazing!”, to “Fantastic movie!”. There is a downloadable High Quality version, too. Thanks, Snotty for mencioning Blizzplanet at the end of the video, and for your support in past years over at

myMYM.Snotty about his movie:

“This is something I’ve been working on for a long time, actually it was ready a year ago, but my old PC just couldn’t render the project, so I finally had the time and the money for a new computer to actually finish this. As you have already noticed I’ve named my video “The Terran Series: Testie” – well, it’s a long story… though my initial idea was to make a Testie highlight video (as we all know he is a random player), yet after watching almost 400+ reps and recording so many scenes, guess I got a bit lazy so I came up with an alternative idea: a Terran highlight video, featuring a particular player (who happens to be Testie). Yet as I already mentioned due to some hardware issues, my second plan for a series of movies failed too, simply because now I don’t have any free time at all and I have to focus on my studies.

That’s only my second movie and keep in mind that I used 200 Terran replays, so yes those are one of his best “moves” captured on a video… if this not gosu enough for you – well don’t blame me!

Oh and if you like my work please download the HQ video, it took me hell of a time to come up with that quality.”

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