Starcraft Novel in Russian?

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I may need assistance from the russian Starcraft community to dig into the whereabouts of this novel.  It looks like a Liberty’s Crusade translation but the author is credit by D. Grabb (Author).

The title of this novel in russian may be read on the image below. The novel release date was 2006.  I do know there are other Starcraft novels incoming after The Dark Templar trilogy. But this one is an enigma. Submit your translation of the title here.

Update: Many fans contacted me to confirm the translation to english is The Crusade of Liberty.  It threw me off that the novel isn’t credited to Jeff Grubb, who also wrote Warcraft: The Last Guardian.  Blizzplanet is visited by many russian fans according to the traffic tracker.  Many thanks to Handclaw, evoker.vladimir, MYM.snotty (Meet Your Makers), yellowb and zato (lore-keeper from for confirming the title.

zato offered further details about the publisher:

“Yes, this is Liberty’s Crusade. This book was released by publishing house “Alphabet” in 2006. Alphabet has translated 3 warcraft novels: Day of Dragon, Last Guardian, and Lord
of Clans. These translations are considered official as the Blizzard has authorized it. However in case of warcraft universe, Russian lore experts (fans) and the russian wow-community consider that the russian translation of books are very bad, except for Last Guardian. The Russian version of the Starcraft novel, everything is all right, because the translator, knari. (His homepage –

Update Nov-8: knari contacted me to inform the following:
knari: “Speed of Darkness” will be released soon, I hope. Also I have translated “Shadow of the Xel’Naga” but the publisher has not scheduled a release date. At the moment I work on “Starcraft Ghost: Nova” novel by Keith R.A. DeCandido.”

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