Starcraft Lore Interview - Chris Metzen

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SCLegacy had an awesome lore interview with Chris Metzen discussing Terran and Protoss history in previous Starcraft games and what they mean for the storyline of Starcraft II. Topics touched in the interview are:

  • Duran

  • Protoss Executor Selendis
  • Cerebrate Daggoth’s fate
  • Return of the Cerberus Terran Unit
  • Adun’s story on the Starcraft Novel
  • Kalath Intercesion lore explained
  • Why the Uraj crystal ended up on Braxis
  • Deceptions, Resurrection IV and Enslavers campaigns are canon
  • Tassadar

SC:L: Are the 2 Enslavers campaigns canon in the StarCraft universe, or you’ve just released them as a fun add-on and sort of an example for what StarEdit was capable of?

Metzen: They are canon. That said, as you’ll recall, the plot branched in “Enslavers: Dark Vengeance”, and the rest of the story was based on the decision that players made there. We have since decided which branch is considered canonical. In case you’re curious, the Protoss chose to reclaim the stolen Khaydarin crystal, and in the process they discovered that Ulrezaj had created 5 twisted copies of it. The Protoss destroyed these warped crystals, but by then, Allen Schezar and the archon Ulrezaj had positioned an orbital space station with an EMP device over Shakuras. Although Zeratul tried to persuade Ulrezaj to set aside his bitterness, Ulrezaj would not be swayed: he was determined to drive the Protoss of Aiur from Shakuras. At Zeratul’s command, Protoss forces destroyed the EMP generator and killed Schezar for his crimes against the Protoss race. Ulrezaj, however, escaped Protoss justice… and seething with hatred, he vowed that one day he would yet have vengeance against the Protoss of Aiur. (Note by SC:L – According to the StarCraft: Shadow Hunters’ book description, Ulrezaj is alive and sealed underground on Aiur).

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