Starcraft II Tops Wired

Written by Medievaldragon on . Posted in Blizzard Games News, StarCraft 2 News

Wired posted a list of the Top 10 Vaporware of 2009 with the title: “Vaporware 2009: Inhale the Fail” of which Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty makes the # 1 contender. The beta was supposed to hit starved fans at the end of summer 2009, but during the August conference call to announce the financial status of Activision Blizzard, Bob Kotick and Mike Morhaime announced the game had been delayed due to its 2.0 component which needed further development time to ensure an overall max experience of all its features.

Considering beta was supposed to happen at the end of summer 2009 and that beta usually takes 6 months, and considering Blizzard’s quality mantra: “It’s done when it’s ready” … is it logical to classify Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty as a vaporware?

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