Starcraft II - Terran Units Revealed

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Gosugamers has reported a new Starcraft II article that appeared in a Swedish Magazine: Super Play.  This article reveals various Terran units that Karune confirms are in development. And as such, might or not make it in the final release of Starcraft II.  The Supply Depots is said to have the ability to burrow itself underground with some sort of hangar platform.  This is probably a measure to counter Protoss ability to warp large troops in via Phase Prism.

The new Terran units look like out of the Transformers and some robotic anime TV series, especially the Viking and Thor units.  The Ghost got a costume change to some kind of armor that makes it look more protoss-like.  If you read Starcraft: The Dark Templar novel, you may know why.

Note: The images below were resized and sharpened, and might not look accurate or detailed.

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