Starcraft II @ San Diego Comic Con ?

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San Diego Comic Con 2007 will run through July 26-29. A special highlight of this event for all Blizzard fans attending the event is that Blizzard Entertainment is listed in the Exhibitors List.  Blizzard Entertainment is going to San Diego Comic Con. There is nothing official or confirmed of what Blizzard is showcasing there, but rumor is that Karune (RTS Community Manager) will be sent there.

This tidbit brings up a few ideas of what could happen at San Diego Comic Con. Either Blizzard is showcasing a Starcraft II demo before BlizzCon or probably a meet-and-greet booth with colorful Starcraft II displays to answer questions from fans. At this point this is speculation.  If the rumor proves true San Diego Comic Con attendees that won’t make it to BlizzCon will be treated.

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