Starcraft II - February Topic of the Month - Map Making

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Blizzard has tasked fansites such as Blizzplanet with the gathering of fan feedback. The topic of the month is Starcraft II Map Making. Are you a gosu Starcraft map maker?  Answer the following questions.  At the end of the month your answers will be submitted to Karune by yours truly.

“Over the years we have enjoyed watching our community show their creativity and create amazing maps and mods to our games. With StarCraft II we would like to encourage you to keep up the awesome work, so wed like to give you a tool, you will enjoy working with. We have already answered questions in our Q&A but now it is your turn to tell us what your ideal StarCraft II Editor would look like!”

Map Making Questions for Fans:

  • What features would you like to see in the StarCraft II Editor?

  • How can we support the map making community more?
  • How would you like to see the custom maps and mods handled in the future?
  • Additional feedback you might have

Submit your answers at our Starcraft Forum

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