Starcraft II Easter Eggs

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It ain’t funny to make updates on a mobile internetz, but I manage to play Starcraft II single player for achievements as best as I can, and that’s not the only thing I spent my time with. Remember that huge database of World of Warcraft Easter Eggs I compiled a few years ago? Here’s a cool thing I have been working on in the past days to entertain our Starcraft II, Diablo III and World of Warcraft visitors.

The Starcraft II Easter Eggs wikipage.

  • One of the Collector’s Edition bonus avatars for is the Diablo Marine.
  • Level 800 ETC will play a live performance – they still play WoW in the year 2500s?
  • One of those Dominion scientists should get fired for playing World of Warcraft while splicing Zerg DNA. What a cretin! — WoW Character Screen.
  • The Night Elf Dancer can be found in the Hyperion’s Cantina, and as a big hologram in the [WIKI]Media Blitz[/WIKI] mission. Don’t worry, her ears were trimmed down to look more Terran.
  • Wait … is that the Starcraft: Ghost Playstation 2 boxart in my StarCraftz IIz? Wait … the Warcraft Adventures boxart too? Whoa? ZOMGz!
  • The Doctor is in …
  • A minute of silence. The Battlestar Galactica didn’t reach Earth after all.
  • Where have I seen that Battlecruiser Admiral before. Hmm …
  • The Loki looks a lot like the SG-1 Asgardian ship, or am I hallucinating? Too many easter eggs hunting can do that to your brainz.
  • Eh? Is that … no … huh? Yea, it umm … but how? Is that the … hatch? We’re all Lost.
  • Has anyone seen my Red Swingline Staple?
  • I did … I did … I did thaw a puddy catz!! Inmate 626 Tychus Findlay was probably thrown into an animal shelter before arriving to the Joe Ray’s Bar.
  • Han Solo should be proud of this SCV pupil: It’ll hold together, hear me baby …” Anyone got more masking tape?
  • Matt Horner should watch out in Zero Hour for that kamikaze A-Mutalisk coming straight to the … omgz, omgz too late!
  • Stetmann watched way too much Ghostbusters. Hey, back off man …
  • The Belly of the Beast has an unmistakeable Aliens quote.
  • The Firebat loves to watch those reruns of Apocalypse Now in the UNN channel.
  • A Dominion scientist is a fan of Sons of the Storm … doesn’t matter they died over 400 years ago. Oh wait, ain’t we fans of Michael Angelo?
  • The same Dominion scientist is either about to hack’n slash its way to the Worldstone or begin an all-out Koprulu War III. O_o

That concludes today’s round of Easter Eggs. Stay tuned for the next exciting round soon. Feel free to hop in and contribute with your own findings. It’s a wiki. Yes, you can!

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