Starcraft II - Browder Explains Warp-In Upgrade

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Dustin Browder explained how the process of the Protoss Warp-in upgrade works:

  • You build Gateways.

  • You purchase the Warp-In upgrade on the Cybernetics Core.
  • You select your Gateways and transform them into Warpgates. This is extremely fast.
  • You may select your Warpgates and transform them back into Gateways (also fast) any time you want. You would mostly do this if you wanted to reduce your Macro and rely on queues. Skilled players never go back to Gateways once they have Warpgates.

Now that you have Warp Gates:

  • Select a Warpgate.

  • Select a unit to build.
  • Target anywhere within a power radius.
  • Unit begins to warp-in where you selected.
  • Warp-In is very fast.
  • Unit is vulnerable during the warp-in process and can be killed before the warp-in is complete.
  • Warpgate must now “cooldown” with a time equal to the build time of the unit created before it can warp-in again.

That’s how it works right now. In games it is extremely effective with Immortals and Dark Templars though I have seen it used with everything at one time or another.

Dustin Browder
Lead Designer
Starcraft II | Blizzard Entertainment

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