StarCraft II - Time Bomb Gone and Templar Gets Temporal Rift

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Karune revealed that the Time Bomb ability is no more and the Protoss Templar has gotten a pretty nice ability that could offer some interesting strategies to slow down zerglings, banelings and other fast moving Terran units. The game hasn’t even gone into beta and there have been so many changes it is mind-blowing.  It is still nice to get to know step-by-step the evolution of the development. Thrilling.

Blizzard Quote:
There isn’t Time Bomb ability any more in the current game and High Templar has Temporal Rift ability.

Temporal Rift creates a distortion field at the target location. Ground units caught inside of this field have their movement speed, attack speed, and ability cast times slowed by half. And it lasts 30 seconds.

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