Starcraft Ghost: To be or not to be - Deployment dilemma

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Starcraft: Ghost might or not be in limbo.  Blizzard had mentioned in the past the development of other unannounced console games. However, the deployment of personel from the Console games is an indication that Blizzard wants to crunch time to release Burning Crusade expansion. Once the game is out, that personel will possibly resume work on the Console Department. Read more

“By redeploying key talent onto projects that are currently in development, we will greatly improve our ability to deliver multiple high-quality games in the years ahead,” said Blizzard president Mike Morhaime. “We feel that this is an important step to take toward achieving our long-term development goals while also ensuring that our future games meet the expectations of our players and our employees.”

But despite the upbeat tone of Blizzard’s statement, it didn’t mention which console games it was yanking developers from. That means the announcement could either be about the staff of Starcraft: Ghost, which is on indefinite hold, or about the makers of another, as-yet-unannounced project. The news certainly won’t hearten gamers hoping for a next-gen console edition of World of Warcraft, which, nearly two years after its release, remains the best-selling PC game in the US.

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