Starcraft Chronicles: A Fan-made CG Animated Movie

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“A worldwide team of 3D Artists have plans to develop a short fan-made high-quality CGI animated movie of Starcraft as a collaborative freelance non-profit project. This CGI project is still in the hiring process, with no script, being at its early stages. It is a volunteer effort by fans of the Starcraft community. The brain behind this endeavor convokes Dozens of 3D modelers and animators worldwide to join the team and share credits. If you are seriously thinking to apply to Blizzard or other game developer … this would be a great demo reel.”

Starcraft Chronicles will be a “Starcraft story developed in High-Quality CGI Animation?. High Polygon 3D Artists are welcome to join this professional team. I can’t disclose the identity of two key elements who are in the process of joining the team – but they are top guns from big H.  Some CGI professionals from Hollywood want to spare some free time to make it a High Quality movie.

To resolve some things right away, this has nothing to do with Blizzard Entertainment. This is not a profitable-financed project and has no offensive material that can damage Blizzard. The team behind this project is not affiliated with Blizzard and is run by Starcraft fan community professional 3D modelers and animators.

Almost anyone can volunteer to join the project, and there is no limit of how many people can join specific fields, BUT there are some requirements. 3D Artists are encouraged to join this project and to benefit from each other?s work. A workflow and file management is in place to put together a team working from anywhere in the world. The Starcraft Chronicles team will use a production forum and there is a specific pipeline to it. They will have special forums for tutorials and learning needs. In the end it is a great career boost, because later on you can use it for your show-reel. There are specific fields in which you can join.  The Starcraft Chronicles team accepts any support and welcome you to join the project. There is no time limit, there is no pressure.

Positions and tasks needed:

  • 3D Modelers: Character, Objects, Vehicle modelers
  • Character Animators: Human and non-Human
  • Special Effects: Fluids, particles, hair, etc.
  • Lightning and Rendering
  • Matte painters & Concept Artists
  • Workflow/Pipeline and Management

To Join submit samples:

? Forum Community

Want to find out more about the brain behind this project? Read a 3-pages interview of Croatian-artist Kristijan Stuhli at Digitaltutors. Kristijan is better known as Critical.Mechanism by the BlizzForums and SCLegacy Community. His artwork has featured in the Blizzard Fan Art Program. View sample artwork and a Lamborghini model video. Note: The images in this article are not related to the CGI.  It is work done by Kristijan in the past.
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