Starcraft CGI film - Update

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The Starcraft Chronicles CGI Team is hard at work starting this week. Today, Leo – one of the matte painters created a storyboard in one hour – based on sketches done by the Team Director Kristijan Stuhli (Critical.Mechanism).

With the storyboard set, and Leo accepting his role of Art Design Director, he has assigned the Concept Art team few tasks: Planet, Platform exteriors and interiors, Marines, and other props.  Modellers will start rolling to create an experimental Teaser of 30 seconds.

This will help up train the unexperienced members of the team, learning to work under supervision and to taste the management infrastructure for the posterior teaser and reel.  After the experimental teaser, the team will initiate work on a one-minute teaser, followed by a 15-minutes reel.  If everything goes well, thereafter production of a 30-minutes CGI film will be developed. This is a quick overall update.

The team already has Fdario2000 as Project Manager, J.J. Franzen as Lightning/Rendering Supervisor, and many modeler supervisors for: character modelling, vehicle modelling, object modelling, texturers/UV, and environment modellers.

More Matte Painters with experience in the industry and knowledgeable of Starcraft units, vehicles, map tilesets, doodads are welcome to apply to join for the upcoming teasers and reel. The CGI Team also needs more Model rigging veterans for pre-animation work. The unofficial Starcraft Chronicles CGI film is a volunteer, fan-made project.

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