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Watch the video at the bottom. Thanks a bunch Dragonmagistrate!

What I have screamed and hammered since March 14, 2005 has become true.  Mike Morhaime has presented to the stage the Game Designer of Starcraft 2 … Dustin Browder former developer of Command and Conquer: Red Alert (2001) / Generals (2003), MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries (1996), and The Lord of the Rings: The Battle For Middle-Earth (2004).

IGN says: “FMV sequence in a spaceship – looks Terran – zooming in on a metal door – door opening – reveals a guy with a cigar in chains – prisoner – door shuts behind him – there’s so much bass the room is shaking – guy steps into some kind of metallic devicce – legs are strapped in – guy rising toward ceiling – Korean text on screen got people very excited – another part of the machine is dropping metal arms on him – machine whirring – applying armor to his torso – extremly detailed visuals here – now guy is strapping on gloves – armor is molding together – seems like a Terran marine – rockets turn on – zerg now onscreen – Marine delivers a line – StarCraft 2 officially announced.”

New units in the game are:

Protoss Colossus – Land vehicle seems to mobilize across high ground. That description reminds me of the huge legged vehicles of Star Wars.  Shoot dual lasers that killed around 50 zerglings in the demo according to IGN.

Terran Reapers – Can hop high terrain with jump packs. Use small pistols.

Protoss Stalker – Four-legged unit that can teleport.  The description seems to indicate it fades in and out through its trajectory or blinking forward.  Its ability has a cooldown.

Unnamed: Giant worms come out of the ground and unleash Zerglings.  Seems like a variation of the Protoss Arbiter recall ability in organic analogy..

Suicidal Zerglings can mutate into suicidal bombs like Infested Terrans do, but a more explosive and destructive effect.  Obviously a terrain-variation of flying Scourges.

Protoss have some cool units: Warp Ray, Immortal, Phase Prism, and Phoenix. You can read more of this units’ abilities here between 3pm-3:20pm.

The terrain looks like Starcraft 1—with the camera angled.  Terrain of platforms is awesomely bright with many details.  Space tileset shows huge planets such as Saturn, and asteroids with realistic textures.

Medusa was the in-game codename of Team 1’s unannounced project.  Team 1 is the RTS Department.

BlizzCon might unveil the two remaining unannounced games.  One is a World of Warcraft expansion, the other one is a Diablo game.  The Wow Xpac might be one of my predictions as hinted in the Collector’s Edition DVD (2004). Ahoy!  The Diablo project will be massive. Literally. In the meantime, take that as rumor.

Ohh, forgot one more thing.  Gotta do the most mature thing in my whole life.

I LOVE YOU, BLIZZARD !!!!  THANK YOU !!! —and some boot kissing.



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