Starcraft 2 Easter Eggs

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And so we go again.  Let’s start compilating the easter eggs showin in the Starcraft 2 website, and Gameplay video.  Submit yours here if its not mentioned below.

1. A huge female night elf hologram dances atop a building.  The same /dance of the MMORPG, which is from a coreography of Alizee – J’en Ai Marre.

2. Protoss Colossus and their ray special effect—look like tripods from War of the Worlds film.

3. Droships in Starcraft 2 behave exactly like in the Starcraft: Ghost Teaser Trailer, rotating their engines upside down and landing vertically. This feature in real life is from the Hawker P.1127 prototype which spawned the Harrier Series of Jump Jet—Vertical/Short Takeoff and Landing (V/STOL).

4. Not exactly a Easter Egg, but Highway Signs say Kel-Morian Combine.  Will the storyline take us to visit the Terran faction with most resources in Koprulu sector?

5. Phase Prism – teleport animation looks similar to Tron Film.

6. Nydus Worm – Dune Film/Book.

7. The Banelings create a GG shape at the end of the gameplay video—a multiplayer term for Good Game after owning/wiping the opponent.

8. Not sure about this one. For some reason the Phoenix ships remind me of Stargate SG-1.

9. One of the signs: Nuke Cola.

10. The Zealots’ pose as they walk forward keeping an arm arched to the front and the other arm in the back looks like Wolverine’s charge pose.

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