Starcraft 2 Beta Nearing?

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Enoyls (Rob Pardo) replied to a fan the reason he is not very active in the World of Warcraft forums.  His answer may have slipped Starcraft II release is closer than thought, which means beta isn’t too far.  Starcraft II has been in development since shortly after Warcraft III: Frozen Throne launched, on Summer 2003.

The Terran and Protoss races have been already demonstrated via screenshots and a demo video. The only race still in development, and awaiting to be unveiled is the Zerg. Could the presence and comments by Enoyls be interpreted as an omen that a Starcraft II closed beta announcement is nearing? The least, it has sparked excitement and rumor galore. Make your own conclusions.

Enoyls: Yes, I’m pretty active during betas on the forums. During Starcraft, War3 and WOW I was pretty active gathering feedback, informing people about changes and explaining new features and philsophy. I don’t post on the WOW forums much anymore because Tigole and Kalgan are now the lead designers on WOW. While I’m involved with all the games here at Blizzard, I’m focus the most on the games closest to release like Starcraft 2.

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