Starcraft 2 Battle Report 2 Soon And More Beta Teasing

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It is quite impressive the amount of time Cavez (Dustin Browder) has been putting into answering questions in  Not just to answer questions relevant to Starcraft II units, but to TEASE the heck out of players. Is Starcraft II beta imminent? I will leave that to your imagination.

Blizzard Quote:
King.evan: When is the GAME coming out?!?!?!

Cavez: Sometime after the battle-report.

Livorion: Are we going to see Zerg gameplay?

Cavez: No promises. We will show the best thing we have. If we get a great game that is Protoss vs. Protoss then that’s what we will show. But we really want to show Zerg.

Archerofaiur: If I rally my barracks to a bunker do the units automaticaly enter? What about rallying to a dropship?

Cavez: In the current build you can rally a Barracks into a Bunker or a transport. Units rallied in this way move successfully to the bunker or transport and enter. If the transport is moving, the rallied unit will chase the transport until it catches up and then the rallied unit loads.

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