Starcraft 2 at AMD Cinema 2.0 Event

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Bob Colayco told Joystiq, yesterday at the AMD Cinema 2.0 event in New York, why it took so long for Blizzard Entertainment to develop Starcraft 2. The answer is simple. If Blizzard was to bring Starcraft 2 from Sprites to 3D engines like the competition, it had to be with a bang—and for that Blizzard awaited until the technology and tools were available. Second, you will expereince hundreds of vehicles clashing on the battlefiend with awesome special effects.

I don’t know if you have ever heard of AMD Cinema 2.0 before, or if you even know what it is capable of doing. The most important question here to ponder besides why it took Starcraft 2 so long to develop, is why was Blizzard at this event in the first place. Only because they were invited as partners of AMD?  Or is Blizzard looking into this technology for future games—coughs, such as the unrevealed Next-Gen MMO or the World of Warcraft and Diablo Hollywood films?

AMD Cinema 2.0 is just plainly unbelievable and out of science fiction movies, except this is reality and this technology has been achieved by AMD. Imagine Blizzard developers having access to this … oh wait … they are AMD Partners! Everyone at unison … drool!!!

Read the AMD Cinema 2.0 Press Release below.

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