Starcraft 2 - Art Design and Gameplay Articles

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Gamespot has an article discussing the art design of Starcraft 2 with Blizzard’s senior artists, including senior 3D artist Dave Berggren, senior 3D artist Allen Dilling, senior 3D artist Trevor Jacobs, lead technical artist Rob McNaughton, and senior art director Samwise Didier.  The artists reveal which tools they use to create their artwork and how they make sure to make it look “Blizzard’s way” as a quality standard.

On a separate article, Gamespot also discuss Starcraft 2’s fast-paced gameplay

VoodooExtreme says Starcraft 2 has been in development since 2003, the same year Warcraft III: Frozen Throne was released (Read more).

An old veteran of the Starcraft Community, Physician—also known as Entropy—wrote up a lengthy article titled: Starcraft: A Break in Continuity—discussing the transition from Starcraft to Starcraft 2 and the history of Blizzard games since 1994 to present day. I am flattered.  He dedicated this blog article to me. Although I know there are better people who have covered Starcraft news daily and play religiously on Very appreciated.

1up has the scoop of what Blizzard has announced officially about Starcraft 2 features.

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